Staff 2017







  Mr Bryce O'Connor (Rel)


 Deputy Principal

Mr Wade Greenwood


Executive Staff

Mrs Robyn Taylor - Head Teacher Secondary Studies

Mrs Dianne Hamilton - Head Teacher Maths/Science

Mr Chris Perry (Rel) - Head Teacher English

Mrs Jennifer Brooker - Head Teacher Wellbeing

Mrs Elyse Perry (Rel) - Assistant Principal

Mrs Lyn Westgarth - Assistant Principal

Ms Roz Hunt - School Administration Manager


Learning and Support Teacher

Mrs Jade Lovelock

Ms Suzanne Mayger

Mrs Cherie Hansen 


IT Manager

Mr Cade Wilde


English Faculty

Mr Chris Perry

Mrs Gaye Rush

Ms Bernadette Young


Secondary Studies Faculty

Mrs Robyn Taylor

Mrs Emma Robertson

Mr Nathan Hinze

Mr Stephen Greenslade

Miss Georgia Maxwell


Maths/Science Faculty

Mrs Dianne Hamilton

Mr William Murray

Mr Selween Chandra

Mr Ian Hinton

Mrs Sandra Steele


K-6 Faculty

Mrs June Hawkes

Mrs Elyse Perry (Rel AP)

Mrs Rachael Quigley

Mrs Lyn Westgarth (AP)

Ms Melissa Dawkings

Mrs Felicity McCormack

Miss Elizabeth Drenkhahn


Mrs Narelle Whittaker - Teacher/Librarian


Administration & Support

Mrs Roz Hunt

Mrs Rhonda Darcy

Mrs Narelle Fisk

Mrs Helen Higgins

Mrs Judy Ridley

Mrs Jenny Mayger

Mr Brett Hawkes

Ms Allison Fuller (AEO)

Mrs Phyllis Oates (AEO)

Miss Nicole Duncan

Ms Marilyn Wilson

Mrs Terry Fitzgerald

Miss Erica Hunt

Mrs Patricia Smith

Mrs Rachel Maclean

Mrs Marilyn Leach



School Counsellor

Gemma Martel


School Chaplain

Mr Stephen Bignall


Canteen Manager

Mrs Janice Oriel


Breakfast Club Coordinator

Ms Jo-ann Lincoln

Our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child's wellbeing.

The principal is responsible for the educational leadership and management of our school. If you would like to speak to the principal, please contact us to make an appointment.

Our school administrative staff can answer your enquiries or direct you to the appropriate staff member for help.