School contributions



K-6                                -           $36

Years 7 & 8                   -           $51

Years 9 & 10                 -           $36

Years 11 & 12               -           $36


Please Note:  The General School Contribution is a voluntary fee, which we urge that you consider paying.  All funds attained from this contribution are used to support the school's curriculum.  It is used for:


1.     Extra resources used in our classroom programs.

2.     Some paper and pens, etc. used in K-6 classes.

3.     Resources for Whole School Staffing.

4.     To subsidise a variety of cultural programs/variety performances.

5.     To assist in the purchase of teaching resources, computer software, sporting gear and library         resources used in our teaching programs.


Please see "Schooling costs" for subject-related fees for high school students.