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Last updated 12:30 PM on 28 February 2018

SRC elected for 2018


Congratulations to the secondary students who have been elected for the SRC this year. Included in the photo are primary prefects and captains.

Photo above: Mrs Lovelock, Hamish Callander, Taylah Reid, Jack Taylor, Finn Nielsen, Stephanie Squire, Savannah Nielsen, Emma Bermingham, Jorja Sinclair, Leila Gough, Chelsey Hewett, Sophie Hopkin, Logan Hewett, Elly Hansen, Kaitlyn Cosgrove, Richard Glover, Lilly Higgins, Zoey Daley, Gracie Leonard, Shamika Kentwell, Taylah Rolfe-Coppin and Ruby Smith.

Executive Committee: Courtney Graham, Sunny Stubbs, Zoe Taylor, Reighan Peckham and Aimee Sheppard.

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