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Last updated 2:20 PM on 13 June 2014
Yellow band winners

84 students had received a yellow band as at late last week.  Since the introduction of the PBL band system, day one this term, we have seen an increase in positive behaviours displayed throughout our school by our students. 

The students are rewarded under the three PBL focus areas; Respectful, Responsible Learners by means of a teal band.  Students acrew these bands for displaying positive behaviours during school.


Students trade three teal bands for a pink band; three pink bands for a purple band, three purple bands for a yellow band.  A yellow band entitles students to participation in a morning tea with the deputy.

A huge congratulations to all of our students for embracing the PBL band system and continuing to display our "Respectful, Responsible Learners" qualities.