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Last updated 10:16 AM on 1 November 2017

Mrs Westgarth


A Day Made Better rewards, recognises exceptional primary and secondary school teachers across the country.

Message from ex WCS student Olivia Hamblin

Mrs Westgarth is easily the most hard working teacher I have ever had the privilege of knowing . I was lucky enough to have her for Kindergarten, year 5 & 6 and to this day I know her passion for educating and challenging students had an incredible impact on my life. She worked tirelessly to ensure her students were continually supported in their strengths as well as dreams and always brought out the best in those she taught. She encouraged me to dream big, and was just as much a role model and a mentor as she was a fantastic teacher. Throughout my schooling life and beyond, I look back to the incredible support and encouragement she gave me because it helps every time. Her farewell message to me, "Shoot for the stars. You're sure to reach them." never fails to inspire, even now.